The many faces of philanthropy


The mission of Fondation de France is to support all those striving to act in the public interest by making a donation, legacy or by establishing a foundation... over the past 50 years we have constructed the leading philanthropy network in France. This network brings together 888 founders, 431,389 donors, 560 volunteers, 30 partner companies, 220 experienced employees and over 10,000 project leaders around the world. Their commitment in close-up.

888 founders, such as

Laurent Repelin


© D.R.

Chair of the executive committee of Fondation Henri Baboin-Jaubert – Générations Solidaires

"Founded in 1981 under the aegis of Fondation de France, the Fondation Générations Solidaires (Inter-generational Solidarity) focusses its resources in three main areas: defending human rights, schooling for the young in Haiti and Madagascar and independence of the elderly in the Rhône-Alpes region. In addition to legal and administrative services, operating under the umbrella of Fondation de France enables it to benefit from the advice of experts who provide us with their support in pursuit of our mission: to develop calls for projects and seek out entities and charities worthy of our support."

431,389 donors, such as

Chantal Nedjib


©Tina Merandon


"I got to know Fondation de France when I was head of communications at HSBC France: the HSBC Photography Prize was supervised by the foundation. I was able to discover how Fondation de France operates 'from the inside', and I have remained a loyal supporter by becoming a donor. And the battles that inspire me the most? The fight against all forms of exclusion, at all times of life, culture treated as a catalyst for social cohesion and, increasingly, environmental issues… by supporting Fondation de France I am able to support all the causes closest to my heart. With total confidence."

560 volunteers, such as

Patricia Rousseau


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Volunteer for Fondation de France Nord

"I joined Fondation de France Nord (responsible for activities in northern France) in 2017, having spent my career as a social services manager in the Department of National Education. As a young retiree, I wanted to use my experience, skills and network to serve my region and fellow citizens. I also wanted to meet new people and face new challenges. Now an expert-volunteer, I support charities operating in the fields of parenthood and education and also supervise a bursary programme for young adults without family support. It is a highly stimulating commitment at the heart of a motivated team through which I am continuing to develop, both intellectually and as a person."

30 partner companies, such as

Éric Yung


© Alban Gilbert

CEO of Maison Johanès Boubée in Bordeaux

"Our company has been committed to the Dynamiques territoriales programme developed by Fondation de France for three years now. We are able to provide tangible support for projects designed to improve everyday life by creating links and interaction within our region. Fully consistent with our corporate social and environmental responsibility policy, this commitment also involves our employees within the region: they vote for their "favourite projects and we organise meetings with charities. It is a real social and collective effort!"

10,000 project leaders supported each years, such as

Hayette Louail


© Lucien Lung

Founder of the charity Un regard pour toi

"My charity champions an idea: the visually impaired are also entitled to look after their appearance and to wear fashionable clothes that suit them! We offer supported shopping trips in Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Toulouse and Lille. We develop labels in Braille or which can be "read" vocally using a smartphone. In July 2019, the charity also opened a dedicated boutique in support of this community. Without help from Fondation de France, which supported my project in 2017 through the Déclics jeunes competition for young people and subsequently awarded me a Special Prize in 2019, it would have taken much longer or even not been possible at all!"